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From Bournemouth to The Bayview

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The Bayview is part of the rich history of the glory days of Bar Harbor's past.

Our neighborhood was one of wealth and distinction, and was lucky enough to survive the 1947 fire that destroyed many of Bar Harbor's beautiful summer homes.

The Bayview Hotel is situated on the foundation of "Bournemouth", another one of Bar Harbor's famous "cottages". Originally built in 1886, the architect was William Ralph Emerson, whose famous "shingle style" dominated the summer homes of Bar Harbor's elite. Past owners have included a Boston attorney, a famous author and Eleanor R. McCormick. Mrs. McCormick's family invented the Grain reaper and were the developers of McCormick Place in Chicago. Bournemouth was torn down in 1984 and the Bayview Hotel was built the following year.

Our neighbor's homes read like a Who's Who listing of days gone by.

On one side of us is the former residence of Major George G. McMurtry. Major McMurtry was a Wall Street Attorney and Investment Banker. He was a member of Teddy Roosevelt's "Rough Riders" in the Spanish-American War and second in command of the WWI Lost Battalion. Major McMurtry was awarded the prestigious "Medal of Honor."

On the other side of us is the former cottage of Sir Harry Oakes. Sir Harry was born in Maine and made his money prospecting for gold. In the 1920's he was thought to be Canada's richest individual. For tax reasons he moved to the Bahamas and was created a baronet in 1939 for his philanthropy. Sir Harry was brutally murdered in 1943 at his mansion in Nassau.

The history of our neighborhood and town is fascinating. Take a few minutes to find out more and visit The Bar Harbor Historical Society.


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